Anzir Moopen, DMD03


I almost decided against attending HSDM, because I was worried the tiny class size of 35 would have amplified any tendencies of the class, and I did not want to be in an uber-competitive environment for four years. My fears couldn't have been further from the truth. My classmates were the most supportive group I have ever known and my circle of friends are like brothers to me today. Throughout our time together we had amazing professors and senior tutors who helped us achieve so much, without putting an ounce of pressure on us. But what stays with me the most over all these years is the fact that through it all, we made so many memories together outside of the classroom and clinic. My buddies kept things pretty light even when we were studying, as we competed for who could get a paper airplane the farthest down Longwood Avenue from an open window of our study room in the MEC.

We made it through it all, even learning to administer local anesthesia on each other without any permanent nerve damage (only some temporary facial palsy). As a class, we were all together at the Squealing Pig after taking the National Dental Boards, we celebrated birthdays in big groups, consoled each other during 9/11 as fighter jets flew over the HMS Quad. My time together with that great group of friends helped shape me into the person who I am today and contributes to many of my successes. I will always cherish that. And if you're wondering, my friend holds the record distance for one of our paper airplanes (almost two blocks), but I think he was helped by a strong gust of wind.